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Now is a really great time to get that new car you have been thinking about. Did you finance your car somewhere else? Why not have us check to see if we can save you some money. Our current rates are listed below.  Please also check our specials section for short term loan rates
  • New Car Loans rates   start  at 3.74% thru 13.25%
  • Used Car Loans rates  start  at 3.74% thru 13.50%
  • Signature Loans rates  start at 6.99% thru 17.75%
  • Open End Loans rates  start at 7.45% thru 16.25%
  • Home Equity Closed End - 3.99%- 7.12%
  • Equity Line of Credit- based on prime rate- prime rate +2%
  • No credit check loans -18%
  • Super saver plus loan-17.25%

Are you trying to rebuild or start building credit? Why not try our no credit check loans. These loans are designed to help people stop pay day loans, or build your credit score. Just make the regular monthly payments and you are on your way.

Members who meet our qualifications of one year employment and 6 months credit union membership at HCNJFU will be eligible for no credit check loans.  We do not run your credit to be approved but we do report your on time monthly payments helping you to begin the process of rebuilding your credit.  Our members are eligible for a $500.00 loan to start and after two of these loans with payments being made on time our member is eligible for a $1,000 loan.  Once that loan is paid in full our member is eligible for our super saver plus loan in the amount of $1,500.00.  There is a required security deposit and there is a loan application fee of $25.00 for the NCC loan and a $35.00 loan application fee for the super saver plus loan.  Give us a call for details and start working on rebuilding your credit today.

We can assist members with no credit to start building a score.  We offer a $500 loan at a rate of 11.75% for 6 months.  There is a $10.00 application fee and a refundable security deposit of $50.00.

Congratulations to our members with a credit score of over 730.  Your hard work has paid off.  We now offer platinum plus loan rates.  Contact our office for details.


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